sharing rocks

Let’s catch up with picture overload!



A couple of weeks ago we packed a picnic and headed to downtown Chattanooga. If we have any free time at all and the weather is nice, this is where we will be! Hezekiah loved having such an open space to crawl around and explore.

iPhone Pictures 1264


iPhone Pictures 1263 iPhone Pictures 1260

We have also been spending lots of time at the swings at a couple of local parks! Most days Hezekiah could swing all day. Whenever I stop pushing he will start kicking his legs to get the swing moving again. He has also made a friend every time we go to the park. He’s so sweet to share the rocks he’s eating with someone else…

iPhone Pictures 1164 iPhone Pictures 1167

And we are now a cloth diapering family! We made the switch a couple of months ago and are loving it. Our sweet friend, Cassie-Marie, made us some cloth wipes as well. Since we are wanting whatever size family the Lord desires for us to have we felt this was a great investment. Hezekiah has seemed to enjoy them and they are adorable!! Yay for fluffy bottoms!

iPhone Pictures 1090

lots of blessings


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