sharing rocks

Let’s catch up with picture overload!



A couple of weeks ago we packed a picnic and headed to downtown Chattanooga. If we have any free time at all and the weather is nice, this is where we will be! Hezekiah loved having such an open space to crawl around and explore.

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We have also been spending lots of time at the swings at a couple of local parks! Most days Hezekiah could swing all day. Whenever I stop pushing he will start kicking his legs to get the swing moving again. He has also made a friend every time we go to the park. He’s so sweet to share the rocks he’s eating with someone else…

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And we are now a cloth diapering family! We made the switch a couple of months ago and are loving it. Our sweet friend, Cassie-Marie, made us some cloth wipes as well. Since we are wanting whatever size family the Lord desires for us to have we felt this was a great investment. Hezekiah has seemed to enjoy them and they are adorable!! Yay for fluffy bottoms!

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lots of blessings


funny how that works.

So its been, um, a little while since I have posted on here. There are a few reasons:

  1.  We moved. Okay… so that was back in October. Yikes.
  2.  My little one is becoming a toddler! So most of my day is spent chasing him around and stealing as many hugs and kisses I can before he’s so big he doesn’t want to.
  3. Lack of inspiration. The last couple of months have been tough. My wonderful husband graduated in December but apparently not many schools hire for spring semester so we’ve been praying and searching for work. God has provided… just not in the way we imagined. So, honestly, I’ve been aggravated, depressed, sad. My time with God has been nonexistent. No passion, no breath, no inspiration. But my God didn’t leave me in that place! He is my Rescuer, then and now.



Something that I hear my husband say often is, “Out of the mouths of infants and babes.” Sometimes he says this after we hear Hezekiah speaking gibberish with a cheeky grin and sometimes he says this after hearing a child convey their understanding of God and scripture. Often lately Hezekiah, who is 13 months, raises his hands in worship. Sure… he could be mimicking. But our congregation isn’t very, um, enthusiastic in worship. He seems moved to raise his hands. He is excited, eyes filled with wonder. As I was reading Matthew tonight I came across the passage that speaks of Jesus turning the tables over in the temple. I’ve read this passage many times but it goes on to say the chief priests were beside themselves in rage when they saw Jesus preforming miracles and people were responding. The children were crying, “Hosanna, Son of David!” The priests say to Jesus, “Do you hear what they are saying?” At this point I can imagine Jesus defending the little ones when He says, “Have you not read, ‘Out of the mouths of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise?”

Call me crazy but I believe my little one is worshiping his Creator! And this turns my heart to worship. Funny how that works.

“two things you told me, that you are strong and you love me…”

We are counting down the days till December 15! Jonathan’s graduation will be 4 days after our 2 year anniversary. It has been two very busy years of having to completely trust in the Father’s promise to provide for His children. And He has tenfold!  Even in our tightest months, when we thought we weren’t going to make it, we strived to be diligent to tithe to our church and we have seen blessings that come from that discipline. I am writing overwhelmed by God’s mercy to my little family!

Because our income has never been steady or stayed the same depending on Jonathan’s school schedule we have had to constantly re-evaluate our budget. Lately, we have been convicted about our spending on housing and utilities. While we are only a family of three right now we feel we have too much space compared to what we really need. We need to downgrade! Reasons we feel convicted about this:

  1. We have a room that is only used to fill with stuff we don’t use.
  2. We feel that money should be used to get my school debt paid off as quickly as possible.
  3. We want to live as frugally as possible so that we can buy a home that can grow with our family that much quicker.
  4. Bottom line. We don’t feel we are being faithful stewards of our money.

We are in the midst of looking for apartments now and I am trying to pack and get rid of everything organize all while entertaining a seven month old. So be looking for another home tour soon! I will also be sharing de-cluttering tips along with tips to getting the most out of small storage space. Lots to look forward too!

it’s been seven months of…

It’s been seven months of toothless grins that reach both of your ears.

It’s been seven months of hugs and cuddles.

It’s been seven months of spit up on my shoulders because of your reflux.

It’s been seven months of speaking the Gospel to a little one who can’t even imagine yet.

It’s been seven months of carrying you around in my sling, oh so close to me.

It’s been seven months of not one single night of eight hours of sleep without interruption.

It’s been seven months of breastfeeding.

It’s been seven months of wanting what is absolutely best for you.

It’s been seven months of eczema.

It’s been seven months of learning how to function as a family of three instead of two.

It’s been seven months of loving this so much that we are praying you have lots of siblings.

It’s been seven months of lights and ceiling fans stopping you in your tracks.

It’s been seven months of wondering how God will use you.

It’s been seven months of correcting the pronunciation of your name.

It’s been seven months of kissing all over those sweet cheeks.

It’s been seven months of swaddling.

It’s been seven months of you keeping your paci sideways.



It’s been seven months since I held you for the first time and God poured His grace on me, showing me a glimpse of just how much He loves us.

telling my heart to serve when its screaming, “what about me?”

The last couple of weeks I have been consumed with pity parties meltdowns. I have been more exhausted than I ever thought imaginable with my sweet Hezekiah going through, yet again, another period of waking every 3-4 hours at night. He’s been teething off and on. My husband started student teaching and is gone til at least 6pm everyday and is working on Saturdays. I feel like I’m on auto-pilot just trying to keep up with never ending laundry and dishes. And I’m screaming, “Does anyone care? Does anyone see me? Can a sista get a little help over here?”

My husband looked at me tonight and recited Jesus’ own words to me, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.” He wasn’t saying this to rebuke and he wasn’t even saying this to encourage me. He was asking for forgiveness. At that moment my heart stopped screaming, “What about me?” and I had to stop him to ask his forgiveness! I haven’t had a servant’s heart. I haven’t been serving him or my son like I am commanded too.

I can think back to times in my life when God has given me the grace and ability to serve those around me… and I never felt sorry for myself. Connection? I believe so.

I am praying this upcoming week that I can serve my husband after he comes home from working so hard all day and I am praying that I can serve my precious little boy with energy and patience at night… no matter how many times he wakes up.


How can you serve those around you this upcoming week?


thank you father thursdays

  • Thank You Father for the perfect weather this week. You have so lovingly given us things to look forward to every season. I cant wait for the leaves to change, to go to the apple orchard, to pick a pumpkin! And even better we get to all this for the first time as a family of three this year.
  • Thank You Father for six whole months with our precious little man. We are so thankful that you have entrusted him to us! We are astounded by him everyday.
  • Thank You Father forthe opportunity to teach the middle school girls at church! I have really missed teaching and it is challenging my walk with You.
  • Thank You Father for Friday! Which is tomorrow… woo-hoo!

nonna and me

Hezekiah loves his Nonna! Here are some highlights from Deere Park this week:

Had to… it’s just too funny!

You are such a wonderful mother and a Nonna now! I love watching you with him. He loves his Nonna!!

“We need to be together, like the shore and the sea…”

Most of my posts thus far have been centered around my (way to adorable) son so it is long past due for me to brag on my husband a bit…

My husband has proven himself to be such a hard worker and provider for our family. He has worked so hard to get through school as quickly as possible so he can start teaching and FINALLY his student teaching started this week!!!

Jonathan’s first day of classes!

He will be graduating in December with honors! I couldn’t be a prouder wife. I’m a bit biased but I think it is something that is has gotten married and had a baby and was able to keep his grades up. Oh, and did I mention he just turned 21?… He’s pretty impressive. Most importantly he has always been faithful to lead our family spiritually. He always is striving to for us to be close to Christ and close to one another.


I. Am. In. Love.

Thank You Father Thursday

  • Thank You Father for fresh eggs from the farm this week. Yuuuummmm.
  • Thank You Father for a precious little boy who is becoming more active and playful everyday.
  • Thank You Father for a husband who puts his family before himself, even if it means 4 hours of sleep.
  • Thank You Father for a new work schedule that allows my wonderful husband 8 hours of sleep!!
  • Thank You Father for continually sanctifying us through this crazy thing called marriage.
  • Thank You Father for our new church family.
  • Thank You Father for lots of quality time with parents this week!